Rakaman Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Di Ruang Angkasa Buat Ramai Sebak Hingga Dirinya Pun Merem4ng Tiap Kali Bicara Tentang Angkasa

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, menurutnya dalam status di Instagram kini akan kerap berkongsi video-video ketika dirinya berada di angkasa lepas.

Sebagai angkawan Islam yang ke-9, ini catatannya mengenai angkasa lepas. Rata-rata yang menonton video ini sangat takjub dan terpesona dengan keindahan ciptaan Yang Maha Esa.

Ikuti catatannya.

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Video – My launch to space – Part 1 I wanted to share with Everyone of my journey to space . I still have thousands of unseen footages in my archives . I was launched from Baikonaur Kazakhstan- best strategic location . Tawau Sabah is the most strategic location to launch a rocket in Malaysia . It was on the 10.10.07 on the Soyuz TMA-11 . 8 mins and 48 seconds is the time taken to reach space . Anything above 100km is considered space . 2 Days orbiting the Earth before docking on the International Space Station . My mum cried and lost 10 kg during my stay in space . My late Dad was absolutely shaken seeing my launch from the Mission Control – AlFatihah to him who gives me courage and mental strength in life . I was prepared physically, mentally & psychologically . We have been trained by the Russians well and to be fearless at all times . My only fear was to Allah . This has been my dream since I was 10 and Alhamdulillah I was about to achieve my ultimate dream . My mum gave me a tiny AlQuran for my safe keeping reminding me to read them in space . It was an ultimate ride – feeling the 4G load with vibrations and explosion from the rocket but I was truly focus throughout . I could see from my tiny window as we were leaving Earth and the feeling was to die for . I will be showing more of videos in space this week – the view of Earth from the ISS and the things I do onboard . It has been 12 years but the feeling is still fresh in my mind . Salam Everyone . Just sharing . Love As Always … PS – Seeing my parents in the video made me realise how much burden they had to go through the entire process . I owe everything to them . Mum taught me of love and never forget the Creator while Abah my loving Dad taught me mental strength and having a strong character with the right stuff . My prayers to my loving parents as always … PSS – Do subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos .

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Video – My launch to space – Part 2 As promised … these are some of the footages that I took from space . The view of Earth is just amazing . A small tiny Earth surrounded by billions and billions of galaxies . Every galaxy has their own solar system with planets , sun , stars … And the Universe is expanding . We are truly insignificant Just a tiny dot … but yet we are proud walking on Mother Earth . There are many things we still do not know of our universe . Are there life in space ? Are we the only one living on Earth in this vast universe? We are still searching … Man has gone to the moon . In fact 12 people did . But there’s nothing there .. Mars is our next destination … hopefully in 2025 . That’s the plan . We have send Rovers to Mars and have found water underneath … There should be life form on the Red Planet . If I’m given a chance to go to Mars on a one way ticket – I’d do it in a heartbeat leaving everything behind . In fact 6000 people have registered on a one way mission to Mars . Space has definitely change my perspective on life as a whole . Constantly soul searching I feel I have found what I was looking for since I came back from Space . I felt a sense of complete … A sense of calmness … The experience of Space has definitely changed me into a whole new man … But there are many things we still don’t know … And never will … The mysteries of the universe . To seek knowledge we need to open up our minds and read the AlQuran for guidance … It’s all there … Good Morning Everyone … Just sharing … Love As Always … More videos on my YouTube Channel . PS – I still get goosebumps each time talking about space …

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Video – My launch to space – Part 3 I was in space for 10 days 20 hours 14 minutes and it was certainly the best days of my life . Going to space has been my childhood dream since I was 10 years old . And it took me 25 years to achieve my dream . Alhamdulillah … My mission was to conduct 21 scientific experiments involving cancer cells , bacterias and protein crystallisation involving local universities and few experiments with European Space Agency – ESA Cells in Space are 20 times bigger in size . Cells react differently too in Space . Hoping to find a cure for cancer which we have shared the findings to the world . How do we Solat in Space ? Even though I was the 9th Muslim , no one knows how prayers are to be performed in Space since the sun rises and sets every 45 minutes . It’s important for me to tell the world that Islam is a way of life – no matter where you are , be it on Earth or Space … you need to perform your duties as a Muslim. Malaysia was the first and only to come out with a fatwa on how Solat is to be done in Space for future Muslim astronauts . – To pray 5 times a day based on where I was launch from which is Kazakhstan – Since water is limited , Bertayammum is done for Wudhu . – The Earth is Qibla’ . ISS faces the Earth at all times . – To strap both my feet to prevent floating around . I even brought Satay & Rendang and other Malaysian food for Hari Raya in space . The ISS has many windows to view the Earth – I’d just sit by the window in deep thoughts .. Floating around in a microgravity is truly a great experience . We exercise daily in space to minimise bone loss – even have a threadmill onboard . The best thing about space – it doesn’t matter who you are or what religion , everyone works and respect each other to make the world a better place . People on Earth should do the same too . Salam Jumaat Everyone … Love As Always … PS – Will try to show you the footage of my landing on my next post . A ballistic reentry experiencing 9G’s Just sharing … Do subscribe on my YouTube Channel for longer videos .

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Antara komen-komen netizen: 

Kata @nuzulshafeeqa, “I can’t even stop saying SubhanAllah. Tears dropping. MashaAllah Allah is Greatest. Allah is great. Tq for sharing Dr . I was 12 on that time. And I still remember how hard I really was to be one of the angkasawan wanita pertama Malaysia that day. So proud of u”

Komen @cikpandaa, “I’m crying watching this video. The universe is so beautiful subhanallah! rasa kerdilnya diri ni besarnya kekuasaan Allah!”

kata @fatihahraslan, “Saya antara salah seorg rakyat Malaysia yang countdown waktu pelepasan Soyuz ke ISS dan pendaratan semula ke bumi di Kazakhstan. Excited time tu. Bravo @drsheikhmuszaphar. Alhamdulillah.”

komen @durratunnasihin, “bestnya..rezeki Dr dpt lihat ciptaan Allah..👍”

kata @theijazzmk2407, Allahuakbar… Second video, second goosebumps for me… Subhanallah…. I shed tears again.. Tq for sharing this @drsheikhmuszaphar

komen @fatimah_mapema, Terima kasih Dr Kerna berkongsi semua ini pd kami.. Subhanallah Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar!!X tergambar oleh kata2semua ini..kmi hanya melihat hanya melalui video sja sudah merasakan keajaiban nya apakan lagi diri Dr sendiri..mesti menjadikan Dr seorang yg lebih menginsafi diri tentang kebesaran Allah SWT..terima kasih sekali lgi



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